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geographic area of the Argan Tree
Argan Tree: a survivor from the tertiary era

Originating along the Moroccan Atlantic south, this oleaginous tree is unknown anywhere else on
the planet. A survivor from the tertiary era, it is a very resistant tree perfectly adapted to poor soils.

secular Argan TreeArgan tree - Argania Spinosa

A wild tree, it grows totally at the mercy of nature. Obstinate and tenacious,
the Argan tree
commands our respect and admiration. Its exceptional vitality allows it to survive in a region
of the globe where
temperatures can surpass 50° C (120°F), where annual rainfall is less
than 200 ml, where poor soil quality discourages all but the hardiest vegetation.

Tenacious Argan TreeArgan Tree

One of the last remparts against the ever-encroaching desert areas of this arid geographic region, the thorny
Argan tree is a true blessing for the rural population that shares this harsh habitat with the hardy tree.

Argan TreeArgan forest

Nevertheless it has been the foundation of the Berbers' traditional agricultural system.

Argan treesArgan Tree

Living on the borders of the Argan forest, they use it for heating and lumber, as a source of food
for their livestock and, above all, for the edible virgin Argan oil that is extracted from its fruit.

Argan treeArgan Tree

The Argan forest consists of about 20 million trees and covers 800 000 hectares (1 976 000 acres).
Since 1998, a large part of it has been listed as a Biosphere reserve by the Man And Biosphere
(M.A.B.) program of U.N.E.S.C.O. The Biosphere reserves are sites that receive their seal from
U.N.E.S.C.O. for their willingness to reconcile the protection of nature and human development.
They must respect a rational use of their natural resources and an ecological management of
their territory. These reserves provide a scientific base through which the improvement
of interactions between man and his environment can be accomplished

Argan forestArgan forest near the Atlas mountains

For thousands of years, this extraordinary oleaginous tree has offered its bounty to
. Unique in heritage and almost indestructible, the Argan tree will, however, disappear
if we do not protect it more efficiently against its only true enemy: uncontrolled population
growth with the overexploitation and the environmental degradation that results from it.

Argan Tree

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