The Argania Company

A pioneering company since 1997, "Argania, la Maison de l'Arganier" produces its
own edible extra virgin Argan oil and markets it to Europe and throughout the world.
Our Argan oil complies with international legislation, and each imported batch
is officially analysed, a guaranty of the origin, quality and purity of our product

Argania, la Maison de l'Arganier - bouteillesArgania, la Maison de l'Arganier - étuis

Acidity in oleic acid: 0,5 % - Index of peroxide: less than 15 Meq of O2/Kg.

Imported from the region of Agadir in Morocco, our gastronomic Argan oil
is prepared according to a thousand-year-old, hand-crafted Berber method.
A true golden liquid it is totally handmade, and its extraction is difficult.
Collecting and drying the fruits, crushing the Argan nuts, roasting and grinding
the small almonds and, finally, kneading the paste from which the oil is extracted,
all these operations are still carried out by our women collaborators. Produced in
a traditional family manufacturing facility, our gastronomic extra virgin Argan oil
perpetuates time-honored practices. For centuries Berber women are the only one
to transmit from one generation to the other the ancestral processes of this tradition.
The elaboration of our oil, the rarest edible oil in the world, requires the mastery of skills
that are vanishing and, nowadays, only a handful of women jealously guard its secrets.

crushing of the argan nuts

Crushing the Argan nuts and roasting the almonds

crushing of the argan nutsroasting of the almonds

Grinding the almonds

grinding of the almonds traditional extraction of argan oil

Traditional extraction of our extra virgin Argan oil

Argania, la Maison de l'Arganier

A dozen hours of entirely manual work and about 100 kgs. (220 Lbs) of Argan fruit
are required to produce just one liter (33.8 Fl oz) of our pure extra virgin Argan oil.
Packaged in France, our extra virgin oil is bottled in beautiful bottles expressing its rarity.



We established our own factory of virgin Argan oil back in 1997
and we are not affiliated with any of the Moroccan cooperatives.

The shops named " l'Argan or "l'Arganier" that you could possibly have
visited during a voyage to Morocco, as well as the brandnames "Argana",
"Argania - Suisse", "Arganium", "Arganie", "Targanine", "Zit Argan", etc,
are not affiliated in any way with us. Our virgin Argan oil is sold only
in 100 ml., 200 ml. and 350 ml. bottles and exclusively sold under
the name "Argania, la Maison de l'Arganier" (the House of the Argan tree).

Comptoir Argania - Paris

Before the creation of our company, edible Argan oil was never legally
exported from Morocco and was completely unknown to chefs and gourmets.
In 1997, we produced the first bottles of legally exported Argan oil and started
sales first in France and all around the globe. The French customs services
of Orly Airport saw Argan-oil for the first time and were quite unsure how to
classify this new product. Since then, the reputation of Argan oil has grown
throughout the world. The emerging market has attracted lots of new players in
the small Argan market. Some of them imitated our packaging or brand name,
but none of them can compete with the taste of our products. By spreading
confusion in customers' minds, they try to benefit from the excellent
reputation our Argan oil has acquired among the best chefs of France, Japan
and the US. The very high quality that give this unique flavour to our virgin
Argan oil will delight gastronomes and, all lovers of natural products.

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